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Metal roofs last longer under the London, Ontario weather

While most shingle roofing products may not last much more than 15 years under the London Ontario weather, and have to be inspected every other year after 10 years, metal roofs will last for decades. London, Ontario weather can be hard on your roof: wind, cold, sun, rain, ice, snow and other elements can reduce your roof's lifespan if the building materials are not adapted to your housing needs, or simply cheap. Metal roofing materials come in different varieties and styles: copper, tin, aluminum, steel and zinc. Some metal roofs are even built to look like shingles roofs!

Metal roofs are a great investment

When comes the time to build a roof for a new house, or to redo a roof for an existing home, you should definitely consider metal roofing. The London, Ontario metal roofing experts will build a copper, tin, aluminum, stainless steel or zinc roof that has a great look and a great value. You will actually have to spend 3 or 4 times more money on asphalt shingles, over a period of 45 years, to make sure you have a solid roof. If you want to keep your house for a long time, if you'd like to pass it on to the next generation, or if you consider reselling your house, a metal roof is a great value and a necessary investment.

Get Financing for your metal roof with Strength Finance

Financing an investment for your home does not have to be difficult. It also does NOT have to put you in financial hardship! Our partners at Strenght Finance have the best specialty finance programs in the industry, enabling you to invest in your home and save money.

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The London, Ontario metal roofing contractor will build a metal roof according to your needs. Roofing materials go from copper, tin, aluminum, stainless steel or zinc and come in different styles, like shingles or tiles roof that has a great look and a great value.

Shingle roofs don't live up to warranties

Roofing shingles are deteriorating well before their guaranteed lifetime warranties, an investigation by CBC-TV's Marketplace has found.

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Why a Standing Seam Metal Roof is Worth the Investment

When it’s time to revive your roof, consider a standing seam metal roofing option. Made from panels that securely interlock, standing seam roofs attach in vertical sections from the rooftop to the eaves.

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