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For all your commercial and industrial cleaning services downtown Ottawa

Professional commercial and industrial cleaning services in Ottawa

With over 10 years of experience in the residential, commercial and industrial cleaning services business in downtown Ottawa, we offer professional cleaning services for all your needs. Using only high-end industrial equipment, we use products that ensures a professional cleaning that will exceed your expectations. Allow our professional cleaning team to do their work in your offices or your warehouses in downtown Ottawa. With a large amount of cleaning services for commercial and industrial clients, you can be assured that your work environment will be cleaner than ever after we completed our duty.

We offer all kind of cleaning services in Ottawa. Reduce you heating and cooling bills by allowing our team of experts to clean your air ducts. This will eliminate any accumulation of dust, pollen, allergens, etc. Cleaning your air dust will reduce the dust on desktop surfaces as well as reduce allergic reactions. Have a clean office or warehouse and protect your marchandise by having clean air conduct in downtown Ottawa.

Extend your floors lifecycle with services from us in Ottawa. We clean and restore any floor, carpet or upholstery. We deodorize, we remove stains, disinfect soft surfaces and offer treatments to hard floor such as ceramic tiles, porcelains, stones, marbles, vinyls and much more.

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Personalized cleaning services downtown Ottawa for offices and warehouses

Choose the cleaning service you need downtown Ottawa out of all what we do for our commercial and industrial clients. Rest assured that our professional team does everything in their power to leave your workplace in a super clean condition.

Our office cleaning and maintenance services offered in downtown Ottawa are based on your schedule. They include garbage and recycling, washrooms (hand towels, toilet paper, soap and deodorizer), floors (vacuuming and mopping), steam cleaning and waxing, outdoor ashtrays, cleaning of walls and awnings, outdoor and indoor windows as well as the cleaning of the kitchen including the refrigerator, the freezer, the counters and much more.

A disaster happened in your offices downtown Ottawa?

We are there to help with their disaster cleanup services. We act quickly and professionaly to ensure the recovery process is quick and effective. This service will prevent further damage to your belongings and will allow you to get back in your house, workplace, warehouse, etc sooner.

We also offer cleaning services for cars, trucks, boats and recreational vehicules. We are available for you anytime, anyday (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to offer the best cleaning services in Ottawa.

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We have over 10 years of experience in cleaning services in downtown Ottawa. With a large variety of services, you are sure to find what you are looking form in terms of commercial and industrial cleaning services. Our team uses the best product on the market allowing us to meet your expectations and surpass them with our high end quality industrial equipment including a truck with a mount system. The services offered by our team includes air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, treatment for floors, garbage and recycling and the cleaning of work surfaces, washrooms, outdoor trays, walls, awnings, indoor and outdoor windows and much more.

For the best cleaning services in downtown Ottawa, choose us. Call us now!

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