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Hair loss solutions in Montreal and West Island


You suffer from hair loss and want to neutralize your baldness or your sparse hair? Our clinic is the solution in West Island and in all the Montreal area. The highly skilled specialists of the hair transplant clinic will help you regain your confidence and self-esteem.

Our clinic is specialized in micrograft and in hair loss prevention. Our specialists only use the most advanced technology to insure the best results possible. Contact us in Montreal West Island clinic today for a consultation and learn about the possibilities we have for you.

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Neutralize your baldness and hair loss in Montreal West! Trust our experts for a successful hair transplant.

Hair reconstruction is an advanced process allowing the surgery-free reproduction of your hair density, color, implantation and direction, while preserving your existing hair. A growing number of men and women are opting for this effective solution.

Your visit at the Montreal West Island clinic, will transform you and improve the look and the volume of your hair. Different procedures to choose from are offered: micrograft and minigraft transplants, non-surgical replacement and a hair loss prevention product line. Call us now for your first confidential and private consultation. You will therefore be able to see for yourself what you will look like once your treatment is completed.

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Hair transplanting is a viable solution for hair problems, baldness, sparse hair or hair loss.

Our Montreal West Island clinic will transplant the maximum of grafts possible during each intervention or propose you a non-surgical solution. This will provide you with your desired result as quickly as possible. Contact us now for your confidential consultation at the Montreal West Island clinic.

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