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Local, Art, Paintings, Westmount, Montreal

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Visit my art studio near Westmount, Montreal

Local artist. Global vision. Are you looking for compelling and uplifting contemporary art?

I am a thriving painter with an international reputation based in Montreal. Her paintings have been shown in such art centres as Hong Kong, Milan, Singapore, Hamburg, Toronto, Amsterdam, Mexico, Seoul, Shanghai, Hampton, and New York. She is delighted to share her work with first-time buyers and collectors alike. I have participated in over thirty solo exhibitions and in more than fifty group exhibitions, showcasing her superb paintings around the world.

While her paintings are in such collections as the Royal Bank of Canada, Desjardins Financial, Loto Quebec, the Quebec National Library, the Canada National Library, the Colart Collection and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals - as well as on display at the Cristal Hotel and the Delta Hotel in Montreal, the Sea Lion Hotel in Vancouver, and the Black Rock Beach House in Ucluelet, British Colombia - Leblanc’s dream is to help each and every client find the perfect painting to enhance their experience of art and to amplify the joy that a well-chosen painting can bring to their life. And with different styles and sizes, from small, medium to large, you are sure to find a painting that will fit your needs.

Leblanc is available to work directly with interior designers, decorators, architects, and other professionals in creating unique experiences for corporate offices, retail spaces, hotels, condominiums, lofts and public spaces. Whether you are in Westmount, Old Montreal, Griffintown, or one of Montreal’s mature or up-and-coming suburbs, I am energetic contemporary art will bring a vitality to both traditional and modern environments alike. Whether you are interested in a single acquisition or in building a collection, she will help you find the perfect art piece for your environment.

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Visit my inspiring studio in the heart of the culturally dynamic and flourishing neighbourhood of St-Henri.

Just south of Westmount and downtown Montreal, and west of trendy Little Burgundy and the Atwater Market, her studio is located in one of this area’s most lively converted industrial buildings on the revitalized Canal Lachine. Living and working in Montreal since 1990, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal, and loves to experiment with different materials including acrylic, oil, tar, ink and beeswax. She is well-versed in screen-printing, digital imaging and photography, as well as being known for her paintings - vibrant landscapes that reflect her well-loved signature style. A visit to her studio is a wonderful opportunity to discover my unique work, expressions of her multi-faceted creativity and passionate approach to contemporary art. Leblanc’s artistic mission is to share her art as a way to inspire and enrich lives, enhance community and bring beauty to the world. As you contemplate her works in the quiet of her inspiring studio, you are invited to share in her dream – to bring beauty, purity and calm to your home, cottage, office or commercial space.

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