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For an unique commercial kitchen counter in Gatineau

Commercial Kitchen Counter in Gatineau

Looking for the perfect place for your commercial kitchen project. In our business, we care about our clients' projects whether is for commercial or residential. With our team of experts, we will target your need according to your taste and budget. We will work together to offer you an exemplary service, we will find the ideal commercial kitchen counter for your business.

We have a professional and qualified team of designers, who will guide you through all your commercial projects. Our designers are attentive to customers. We will meet all needs by providing ingenious solutions in order to make a space functional. Our designers can evaluate your business needs and offer you a commercial project even if it’s complicated or large-scale.

Come visit one of our showrooms in Gatineau. You will have the chance to meet members of our specialized personnel. They have the best advices and information to help you with your commercial project. We will help you find the counter tops or cabinets that matches your taste and your budget. All of our product are custom made at our mill in Gatineau (Masson-Angers).

All our counters are chosen with minutiae, whether it’s laminate, granite, quartz, acrylic solid surfaces or laminated wood, Theo Mineault has what you need for your trade. We also offer an outstanding service in the manufacture of custom cabinets. We have a wide selection of in-store models that will lend itself to any style. Looking for a sustainable style, reliability and performance, trust Theo Mineault to target your need and offer you the best choices according to your expectations.

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A professional team from design service to installation in Gatineau

For over 60 years, our team has been dedicated to build high-quality counter tops and cabinets. Whether you are looking to renovate your commerce or for a new construction, you will find a wide range of well-designed high-quality counter tops and kitchen cabinets manufactured on site to suit your style and budget.

Come and meet a member of our design team for your commercial kitchen project. Following this meeting, the designer will help you plan the perfect kitchen for you. Our factory, with state-of-the-art equipment includes a department of specialized cabinetmakers for custom projects. Trust our team, installation is done by a professional team according to all applicable building standards.

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Our team is at your service for your commercial project.

They have the expertise to design your commercial kitchen installation. Looking for a particular style? We can manufacture your cabinet, countertop, storage and accessories to your taste! For a professional commercial kitchen that reflect your personality, contact a member of our team

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