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Buying a condo or penthouse in Downtown Montreal

Luxury condos and penthouses for sale in Westmount, Montreal

Westmount, in Montreal, was founded in 1874 and lies on the south western slope of Mount Royal on the Island of Montreal in the province of Quebec. It is a predominantly residential city and boasts an array of charming condos and penthouses located in lush green surroundings, making it an attractive location for the working class, students and retirees.

Westmount has a rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage and has a combination of modern, Victorian and post-Victorian buildings. Luxurious condos and penthouses in our real esate broker listing in Westmount are set in one of the most desirable locations on the Island of Montreal and enjoy close proximity to public transport, schools, offices and commercial areas. Residents have access to the Place Alexis Nihon and the Westmount Square shopping areas as well as numerous restaurants, cafés and smaller commercial spaces.

The city is home to several parks, including Westmount Park and King George Park, and has many manicured private lawns and gardens that create a harmonious balance for residents.

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Westmount, a top location to find your dream condo or penthouse

Westmount is synonymous with fine condos and penthouses set in lush green areas. The area has a combination of modern and old buildings, which have been beautifully maintained and upgraded.

The neighbourhood has several heritage sites, including the Atwater Library of the Mechanics’ Institute of Montreal and Hurtubise House, the oldest building in Westmount.

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Our real estate broker

Our great selection of condos and penthouses in Westmount allows you to enjoy living in one of the most coveted areas on the Island of Montreal. Westmount offers a great opportunity to live in a magnificent neighbourhood close to business and shopping sectors just a short distance from the city center of Montreal.

His fine selection of condos and penthouses for sale will impress you and your realtor, very familiar Westmount, will answer all your questions. This luxurious area has a modern yet classic twist and some its properties are available for you to call it your home. Take part in the beautiful Westmount heritage.

Are real estate agents becoming obsolete?

No. Hiring an experienced real estate agent is and always will be a clever decision during the process of purchasing or selling a propriety. It might be tempting to resist, but a good broker is conscious about all the neighborhood trends and possess great negotiating skills. It will save you time, unnecessary efforts and most of all, stress.

Agents are local experts and they know the market very well. If you are looking to live in a place such as Montreal, then you should definitely consider to hire a professional to help you to find the propriety you always wanted or to sell yours for a nice deal. Make sure to find the best one the make you life simple.

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