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THE SMART WAY TO PAVE TM We pave your driveway with care in Nepean, Ottawa!

Your driveway paving professionals in Nepean, Ottawa!

Are you looking for an innovative driveway paving service in Nepean, Ottawa? We are constantly improving its offer by creating unique patent-pending driveways. Our paving processes are laboratory-tested for extreme Canadian weather conditions.

We proudly offer a unique service in Nepean, Ottawa, and have replaced over 500 driveways to date. Our unique patent is changing the Canadian paving industry, and people are replacing their driveways with this highly aesthetic, durable solution. We offer our services to both residential and commercial clients; in fact, you’ll soon be seeing our paving work in all Jaguar dealerships. We work with the world’s largest chemical manufacturer, and can provide you with more flexible paving, with an increased lifespan, specifically designed for our changing weather.

We offer you a choice of varying textures.

Because customer satisfaction is our main priority, we focus on ways to offer an outstanding experience, through courteous service as well as a superior product.

Trust our experienced team to pave or repair your driveway, your backyard patio, your pathways, your landscape design, your interlock or your glow stone. Hundreds of clients are satisfied with our services, and we are confident you will be too.

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We revolutionize your driveway paving in Nepean, Ottawa!

We are indeed revolutionizing the paving industry in Nepean, Ottawa, and our innovative system will also be suitable for your driveway. The ground level is meant to change over the years, but your driveway doesn’t have to be burdened by this; choose our services and we guarantee you a clean, lasting result. 

To create a new paving system (patent pending), we took various environmental factors into account: high traffic, harsh winters, salt application on ice, improper installation by your previous contractor, etc. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” asphalt and interlock concept, we set ourselves apart by offering you a decorative product that will also last through the years. 

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Is your driveway in Nepean, Ottawa due for a good paving job?

Look no further! We offer you an innovative solution that will last longer and look better – a more sustainable paving system, created by us, that is also more flexible and resistant.

Our team wanted to solve a well-known problem – the low life expectancy of paving. Paving on country roads started to crack within a year or so. We wanted to create a less costly alternative that is also more sustainable, with the following thought in mind: “If it’s appropriate for country roads, it should be excellent for driveways.” So we now proudly offer unique pavement to hundreds of residential customers, as well as commercial ones such as Porsche, with whom we have a contract. Our patent-pending technology is made to resist harsh weather and does not crack – that’s why we offer you a 10-year warranty on selected paving systems.

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