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Enjoy a Life! Changing Experience! English Summer Camps in Ottawa, Canada

Learn English and Leadership Skills at our camp in Ottawa, Canada

Students can choose Day English Camp, Day English Immersion, English Camp with homestay or English Immersion with homestay.

English CampThis program places students into small groups based on 6 different levels of instruction from beginner to proficiency. Campers have English classes (20 lessons) per week in the mornings, while afternoons are reserved for cultural, social, and sport activities throughout the city of Ottawa.

English ImmersionThis program consists of English classes (30 lessons) based on 6 different levels to develop students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. In the afternoons, we focus on leadership helping students to build confidence and improve their ability to communicate in everyday English. Games and activities are provided at the end of each day.

Register your child now for our summer English Camp Program or English Immersion Program in Ottawa, Canada and provide your child with a fabulous second language learning experience in the company of young people from around the globe!

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Enhance the experience by living with an English Speaking Host Family

Living with a Canadian host family makes the immersion experience even more enriching. Youth living with a homestay family will benefit from:

For an experience that will change the life of your child, register for a summer English Camp Program or English Immersion Program in Ottawa, Canada. Our camp allows your child to acquire a second language through discovery and fun!

Enrol now in the English Camp Program or the English Immersion Program

Parents: Join our Parent Child Experience. When you enrol your child in our English Camp or English Immersion Programs in Ottawa, you can study English too! Adult English classes include 26 hours of small group instruction per week with the added option of staying in residence or in a homestay with your child!

Register your child now for our summer English Camp Program or English Immersion Program in Ottawa, Canada and offer your child a learning experience of a lifetime with students from over 25 different countries.

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Learn English with friends from around the world! Your child will also have the opportunity to participate in weekend trips to visit various attractions in Canada and make their stay in Ottawa even more enriching!

Sign up now an English summer camp experience or English immersion program that will change your life!

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