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Reluctant about a prescribed treatment to increase your testosterone level and treat your erectile dysfunction?

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Treating your erectile dysfunction without a medical treatment is possible with Juicing For Your Manhood, available in Toronto!

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Did you know that you are not alone, and that there is a natural solution – say goodbye to invasive medical treatments to increase your testosterone level! Juicing For Your Manhood is a healthy solution for all the men out there seeking an amazing sex life, a more productive lifestyle, higher energy, more muscles, etc.

It’s clinically proven – women are more attracted to men who have higher levels of testosterone. Those men are also more willing to take risks professionally and are more likely to succeed romantically and in their career.

If you have low testosterone, it is not your fault. In today’s environment, it’s practically impossible to escape from the toxins and exo-hormones which are everywhere. They strongly affect your body’s level of male hormones.

2 out of 3 men face erectile malfunction, including men in their twenties, thirties or fourties.

I myself have struggled in the past with a poor sex life, low self esteem, lack of energy and missing motivation. My doctor recommended a treatment, but if you are like me, you do not want to become dependent on a synthetic hormone boost.

That’s what drove me to find another solution: a healthier and sustainable alternative. I hired food chemists, registred dieteticians and naturopaths to create 17 delicious testosterone-increasing recipes that combine readily available ingredients – no exotic herbs or hard-to-find ingredients. After trying it myself, I gained my life back and amazing things happened after only few days. I was awaking to erections again, I felt vivacious and energized, feeling less sore from intense gym sessions, and my sex-drive was incredible. Thanks to the juices I drank, my sex life completely changed.

Set free the man in you, gain your confidence back and see amazing results within 14 days

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7 Virility Vampires found in your food, in your clothing, in the air you breathe and the food you eat:



This is a xenoestrogen that’s found in many heat-treated foods like French-fries, potato chips and most processed wheat products. Nearly all packaged wheat and potato products contain this harmful estrogen-mimicking compound that kills your sex drive and sends your body into a tailspin of testosterone deprivation.

The Excitotoxins

The Excitotoxins

This is a class of chemical food additives that have spiked up in the last 30 years in consumption despite known health risks and hormone mimicking effects. The two most common (and well­known) excitotoxins are monosodium glutamate (MSG) and Aspartame (Nutrasweet and other artificial sweeteners). Fortunately, 3 of my special juice cocktails have been designed specifically to both flush these xenoestrogens from your system and breathe marvelous life into the testosterone producing power of your own natural flesh factory.

Parabens and Phthalates

Parabens and Phthalates

These estrogen-­mimicking compounds are most commonly absorbed through the skin and are found in many household cleaners and body-washes. The most commonly used product containing parabens is toothpaste! Chances are that the toothpaste that you are using is full of parabens. It is nearly impossible to avoid exposure to these chemicals but I happen to have found a superfood that is delicious, and readily available that will knock the affects of these “womanly hormone mimickers” flat on their ass.

Bisphenol-A (BPA)

Bisphenol-A (BPA)

This nasty virility vampire is sucking the life­blood out of the testosterone-producing powerhouse packed in your pants… it’s commonly found in a host of plastics (including canned food lining) and plastic food and beverage containers. Luckily, I have just what the doctor ordered to neutralize this “Man Damaging” chemical.



These compounds are found in all unfermented soy­-based products. Soy is such a common food ingredient that it’s pretty much impossible to avoid so you need the nutrients packed in my 17 “Manhancing” Juice Recipes to annihilate the effects of these feminizers.

DDT and other Organochlorides

DDT and other Organochlorides

These are a family of chemical pesticides that have been in heavy use since World War II in nearly every industrialized country in the world. Their use is widely banned in the US, Canada and Europe but is still common in Asia and the Middle East. What’s worse… new studies are showing that these chemicals accumulate quickly and break down slowly plus their fat and protein solubility means that they attach themselves inside of our food supply and don’t deteriorate leaving us with a hefty level of exposure even though it’s been a decade since they’ve been in wide-spread use. Luckily, a juice recipe on page 12 of my guide will give you the nutraceutical power to kill the effects of these compounds.

Dioxins and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)

Dioxins and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)

These are more chemicals that result from high temperature industrial processes and herbicides. They are known as Persistent Environmental Pollutants because once they accumulate in critical levels…exposure to hormone shriveling levels of these xenoestrogens becomes INEVITABLE. Only specialized intervention specifically tailored to flush these toxins from your body and counter their effects will help you claim the natural T levels you deserve. Of course, yours truly has discovered a powerful combination of phytonutrients that block the ability for this nasty family of “Virility Vampires” from draining the life-blood from your true testosterone potential.

Make your erectile dysfunction a thing of the past and forget about the medical treatment – discover Juicing For Your Manhood!

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Bronze: $3 US

The Testosterone Trinity

3 delicious blended beverages to boost Testosterone, Growth Hormone and Nitric Oxide.

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Silver: $24 US

Juicing For Your Manhood: 17 Delicious Juicing Recipes To Increase Your Testosterone Levels

You will have 17 delicious recipes to increase your testosterone level, plus a description of each ingredient and it’s effect on your body.

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Gold: $39.95 US

Juicing For Your Manhood:
17 Natural ED Eradicating Juice Recipes

The supplements found in store or prescribed by a doctor are most likely synthetic and are simply boosting your total testosterone level, while failing to mobilize free testosterone. This recipe book explains the benefits of real nutrition and it’s effect on testosterone level.

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Hi, before reading your recipe book, I really didn’t eat much vegetables and fruits despite knowing that they are healthy. Maybe it is laziness or lack of interest for the culinary thing. Bottomline, even when I was putting vegetables in my grocery cart, most of the time they were rotting in my fridge and I had to throw them to the garbage.

You have changed my life!

This is so true that eating vegetables and fruit by juicing them is easy and fun. This healthy habit is now fully integrated. I drink at least 1 juice per day and I’ve never eaten so much fruits and vegetables in my whole life and this has a very positive effect on my manhood ;-)

Jad SJad S., 22
Houston, TX

Mr Olivier, When I purchased your book, I did not have a juice blender. I started preparing your blended beverages with a simple regular blender and it did the job perfectly as you said it would. However, it didn’t take very long before I realised that I really really like this method of eating healthy raw foods and I have decided to invest in one of the juicing machine that you recommend.

Your juices did miracles to my sex drive.

Despite being for men only, there is one fruit juice that I really like to share with my wife 2 hours before going to bed and I am adding one of the aphrodisiac herbs that you’ve tagged as beneficial for both men and women. This is making the intimate experience much more pleasurable for both of us. Thank you very much!

AndréAndré M., 43
Montreal, Canada

Olivier, I’ve been using your juice recipes for 3 weeks. I started off being groggy every morning, I never had morning wood, and I was tired every day. Now, 3 weeks later I feel great. I’m stronger and morning wood is pretty much my alarm clock now. Thanks for the great product.

TomTom H., 38
Minneapolis, MN
Antonio from Rio de Janeiro…

Hi Olivier, wow wow wow.

Your recipes are all delicious but I have a favorite. It is the Spicy apple marvel one. It is fresh and spicy at the same time. I can’t never have enough of it. Also, your logo system is amazing. It makes it so easy to spot the recipes I need to prepare for when I have eaten some french fries or chinese food full of MSGs in order to protect myself against these virility vampires.

Ej NEj N., 25
Sacramento, CA

Benefits of increasing
your testosterone level:

Amazing sex drive

Increased muscle mass and bone density

Better mood

Increased confidence

Intensified focus

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The amazing results of my recipes will shock you,
not to mention the treat to your tastebuds.

You are in control of how great you want to feel and by drinking just one glass of juice per day (preferably in the morning), you will increase your testosterone level!

I am living proof that it works wonders and like many other men who have tried the recipe book, you too can improve your physical and emotional health. In the environment we are living in, we are exposed to toxins that affect our production of natural hormones.

However, by drinking a blended beverage of natural and powerful ingredients everyday, your body will use the nutrients as a shield against these hormone-inhibiters.

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