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Luxury homes in Westmount, Montreal

The city of Westmount is a predominantly residential area located on the south western slope of Mount Royal on the Island of Montreal in the province of Quebec. It was founded in 1874 and enjoys a rich heritage where many homes have retained their original architectural details. Luxury homes in Westmount combine old-world charm with modern architecture and range from stately manors to detached homes that are suitable for intimate family gatherings or large events.

Westmount has large green spaces and is dotted with private homes with carefully manicured gardens that give the area a lush country vibe within the city. It also offers a range of indoor and outdoor recreational areas, including Westmount Park, complete with a library, a garden and arena. The area has several schools, colleges and parks and is the ideal place for students, young families, professionals and retirees.

Avid shoppers will enjoy strolling through Sherbrooke Street West, Green Avenue and Saint-Catherine Street with their unique stores and great dining spots.

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The perfect luxury home in Westmount, Montreal with Carl-Rémillard Fontaine

The predominantly residential Westmount combines old architecture with modern designs and has some of the most stunning homes the city has to offer. Westmount is close to downtown Montreal, but the lush green spaces give residents ultimate privacy and the feel of living far from the city.

Proud member of Profusion Realty, a leader in high-end homes in Quebec, he will put its expertise at your service and help you find the luxury home of your dreams in Westmount.

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Carl Rémillard Fontaine

A luxury home in Westmount combines old-world charm and modern styles that blend into the area’s natural beauty. The neighbourhood’s opulent homes have striking details and are designed to meet the high standards of the most discerning buyer.

Carl-Rémillard Fontaine will focus on your search exclusively and offer you customized service designed to help you find your perfect home.

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