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Special access to a beautiful selection of luxury homes in Montreal, presented by the number one real estate broker for downtown Montreal.

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Find the property of your dreams in downtown Montreal, by using the #1 real estate broker in this area

Your trusted and experienced top realtor, Carl-Rémillard Fontaine, is ready to find you the home of your dreams in downtown Montreal. Choose from a beautiful range of luxury condos and houses, drawing on the expertise and knowledge of the #1 real estate agent in the area.

Given its vibrant culture, Quebec’s Metropolis definitely has a lot to offer. There are, indeed, many reasons why Montreal is a number one destination. This is the largest city in Quebec, with the biggest French-speaking population on the continent. If you are not francophone, however, be assured that the community is also bilingual, with a lot of people coming from all over the world. All Montrealers live in harmony, which may explain the especially low crime rate.

Also recognized as Canada’s capital for university students, Montreal has a young, vibrant community. With tons of greenspace, great restaurants and boutiques, downtown Montreal is a truly enjoyable place to live. You will definitely be quite happy with the lifestyle, and don’t forget: it’s an ideal location for entrepreneurs. The market for luxury homes is growing nicely, and the city’s economic prosperity makes it really appealing to all.

Purchasing a new residence is not an easy decision, and it’s the main reason why you should get expert help to find exactly what you want. Carl is one of the top realtors in Montreal, well known for his hard work.

He’ll use his experience to help you find the perfect place to live, while saving you time and money. Finding the ideal home may be a long process, but using the right professional will give you a chance to discover beautiful luxury homes – part of a large selection – that will meet all your needs and expectations.

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Why is Carl-Rémillard Fontaine the the #1 real estate broker?

With a large portfolio of luxury properties worth several millions of dollars in total, Carl is regularly interviewed by many local media outlets and is well regarded in the real estate market. After just 8 years’ experience, he has made a number of record sales and obtained record prices. Always passionate, he is fully dedicated to his clients. His negotiating talent is one of the many reasons his clients refer to him as the best real estate agent when speaking to colleagues and friends.

Carl is a proud member of the team at Profusion Realty Inc., a prestigious company recognized locally and internationally in the luxury real estate market. Their mission consists in providing judicious advice to their customers, while opening up access to a wonderful selection of properties.

His hard work and professionalism will definitely help you find the home that’s right for you. Wherever you want to purchase or sell, you will benefit from excellent customer service all through the process. Carl is, without a doubt, the real estate broker you need.

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Carl Rémillard Fontaine

Wherever you want to sell or buy, the number one luxury real estate broker in Montreal – Carl-Rémillard Fontaine – is offering you a chance to make your wish come true. Since his clients are always his top priority, Carl will devote his energies to your needs – whatever the property you are looking for – and will find the best deal possible that will meet all your criteria.

If you plan to move into or within downtown Montreal, don’t wait any longer to hire the best broker, Carl-Rémillard Fontaine!

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Are real estate agents becoming obsolete?

No. Hiring an experienced real estate agent is and always will be a clever decision during the process of purchasing or selling a propriety. It might be tempting to resist, but a good broker is conscious about all the neighborhood trends and possess great negotiating skills. It will save you time, unnecessary efforts and most of all, stress.

Agents are local experts and they know the market very well. If you are looking to live in a place such as Montreal, then you should definitely consider to hire a professional to help you to find the propriety you always wanted or to sell yours for a nice deal. Make sure to find the best one the make you life simple.

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