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Find your dream home in Westmount with the #1 real estate broker

Discover the large selection of properties in the affluent neighbourhood of Westmount, with the #1 real estate broker: Carl-Rémillard Fontaine.

The wonderful, lovely mansions of Westmount make it perhaps one of the most prestigious and wealthiest suburbs in the country. The area is quiet and truly safe, which is absolutely perfect for families and professionals.

Founded in 1874, Westmount has a traditionally anglophone, but mostly bilingual, population. The overall landscaping includes large playing fields, playgrounds, footpaths and even a wading pool. A charming public library, located on the north side, was built a few years after the founding of Westmount. The city boasts a great historic heritage and is home to many different schools, such as Dawson College.

Its beautiful architecture and varied restaurants are the reasons why this is an exceptional place to live. You’ll be very pleased with the unique properties here. Several parks, green spaces and highly rated schools make this city an undisputable destination of choice for buying a home in this enclave of Montreal.

Buying a house is, undeniably, a major decision… and you must be satisfied with your final choice. What’s essential is finding someone you can trust, who will help you realize your vision of the home you want before you make a purchase.

With an extensive portfolio of luxury and multimillion-dollar homes, Carl is definitely the #1 real estate broker in Westmount, Montreal. This dedicated professional always provides his clients with the best service.

His dedication will be evident throughout the process and he’ll assist you with every step of the transaction, whether you are looking to sell or buy a new house. Whatever you’re looking for, Carl has the perfect solution for you that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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The #1 real estate broker in Westmount, Montreal

With a large portfolio totaling several millions of dollars luxury proprieties, Carl is regularly interviewed by multiple local media and well appreciated in the real estate market. After only 8 years of experience, he has already completed many record sales and has obtained record prices. Always passionate, he will give all of his dedication for his clients. His talent of negotiation is one of the multiples reasons his clients refer him as the best real estate agent toward his colleges and friends.

He is proudly part of the Profusion Reality Inc team, a prestigious company recognized locally and internationally in the luxury real estate market. Their mission consist to provide judicious advises to their customers while giving access to a wonderful selection of proprieties.

His hard work and his professionalism will definitely help you to discover the right place for you. Wherever you want to purchase or sell a propriety, you will benefit of an excellent customer service during all the process. Carl is without any doubt the real estate broker you need.

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Carl Rémillard Fontaine

The number one real estate broker, Carl-Rémillard Fontaine, is offering you the chance to find the perfect property in Westmount, Montreal – a home that will meet all your criteria. His knowledge and qualifications will help you save time when selling or purchasing the home you always wanted in the suburb of Westmount, one of the greatest and wealthiest neighbourhoods in Canada.

His clients are always a priority, and he will ensure you find the ideal place and make the best deal possible. 

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Why do you need a real estate agent?

With the information overload from the Internet and television, the decision to use a professional when selling or buying a house may leave you confused. You may actually be tempted to do it all on your own. Some people are good at this, but you may lose time and money if you do something wrong.

There are many reasons why you should hire a real estate agent. First, agents possess the knowledge needed to identify comparable sales, and they know how to negotiate effectively. They usually have a professional network, and will save you unnecessary costs, while providing serious advice. The choice is simple: Take an undesirable risk or make sure you have the best deal with the number one real estate broker!

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