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For a successful fishing trip in Northern Quebec’s Gouin reservoir

Fish for walleye or pike in North Quebec’s Gouin reservoir

We are the favourite spot for fishing both walleye and pike in Northern Quebec. Being situated directly on the spawning grounds, the Gouin reservoir makes it much easier to fish in the spring and throughout the season. We offer cottages that can accommodate 2 to 6 persons, or larger cottages that accommodate 8 or more. All of the cottages offer utilities such as: electricity, a bathroom with a shower, hot water, a kitchen, a wood stove, a BBQ, and dishes. Some cottages offer a more open concept style, while others are more traditional. All you need to bring is your sleeping bag, pillow, and food. We are sure the spectacular view of the Gouin reservoir and dam will charm you. A free map with the various seasonal fishing spots will be given to you upon your arrival. It is not unusual to catch walleye that are heavier than 5 pounds, nor pike that are heavier than 15 pounds!

A memorable fishing trip for couples or friends in Northern Quebec’s Gouin Reservoir

Exclusively for your group*, you can relax and enjoy yourselves in a large, split level, wooden cottage where your 6 bedrooms allow you up to 15 beds to sleep people in, a dining room, a living room, a commercial kitchen that has all propane appliances, a BBQ, showers and best of all: a lot of pikes and walleyes and a fantastic view of the Gouin reservoir. Contact our walleye and pike fishing experts today to plan your dream fishing trip.

*A minimum group size of 8 people is required to rent the main cottage

Plan your fishing trip for a couple or friends in Northern Quebec for an extraordinary experience! Come fish for either pike or walleye and profit from our various fishing packages and our welcoming cottages. On top of fishing for fish between 5 and 15 pounds, you can be amazed by the amazing and unique view that North Quebec’s Gouin reservoir has to offer.