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our private investigator in Brossard, on Montreal’s South Shore!

Your private investigator in Brossard, on the South Shore!

Your private investigator offers its services in Brossard, on the South Shore of Montreal. Hire us for a range of services such as pre-employment screening, civil and criminal background checks, shadowing and surveillance, credit checks or electronic surveillance. 

Are you an employer looking for a strong, credible record to validate your trust in a job applicant? Call us and we’ll be happy to compile a solid file to ensure the individual you want to hire really has the qualifications they claim to have. Our pre-employment investigation services will give you confidence and peace of mind.  

Does your business require employees whose criminal and civil backgrounds must meet specific standards? Work with our private investigation office in Brossard to get full details of their civil and criminal history.

Need to do a credit check on a client or a future tenant, or for any other reason? Let one of our private investigators handle it for you! Do you have reason to believe there’s a need for shadowing or electronic surveillance? Need to find someone? Whatever the reason – be it debt or litigation – our screening service is your solution.

Why should you hire professionals for any private investigation?

There’s a line between you and your clients or job applicants that should not be crossed – and only experienced private investigators will know how to work in compliance with specific legislation, and collect the right information to be used as evidence.

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We offer our private investigator services all over the South Shore of Montreal, including Brossard!

Our private investigators offer their services in Brossard, on the South Shore of Montreal! Our agency’s private detectives throughout Brossard and the South Shore have many years of experience and will effectively – and discreetly – handle your file, while providing you with personalized solutions.

Trust their expertise in pre-employment verification, civil and criminal record checks, credit investigations or electronic surveillance. Their observation reports are complete and can be used as evidence in court to decide on a verdict. We are accessible 24/7.

We have built our reputation on the basis of trust, through our security services, over the years. Our private detective hold a private investigator licence, issued by the Bureau de la sécurité privée, to operate in Brossard on Montreal’s South Shore. We’re available 24/7 and our agency values our professionals’ meticulous work, so you can have the peace of mind.

Entrusting the job to a private investigator will save you valuable time and money in cases such as pre-employment surveys or in situations calling for an investigation of someone in your organization, as an example. Leave nothing to chance – contact a professional for all sorts of investigations.

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