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Your ideal roofing contractor in Nepean, Ottawa!

For your residential or commercial needs, contact our roofing contractor in Nepean, Ottawa!

We are revolutionizing the roofing industry in Nepean, Ottawa, and you can have our contractors re-roof your home using our innovative system. Choose our services and we guarantee you a clean, lasting result.

You can have peace of mind; you will receive a written quote, as well as a written warranty and we make it our mission to keep a clear communication throughout the process and to offer an outstanding service at a competitive price. Whether your need is residential or commercial, our mandate is to offer you a competitive price for outstanding service.

We revolutionized the paving industry in Ottawa, and we can now provide you with the same outstanding roofing service. Our contractors have all been given the proper training to work efficiently and be in compliance with the latest roofing installation standards for the region.

Asphalt roofing offers many benefits, including better performance in extreme weather and temperatures, competitive cost, low maintenance and higher resistance to strong winds and fires. The most common problems such as improper roofing ventilation and a bad structure can be prevented or took in charge by our experienced workmanship.

You can choose from different designs, textures and colours, and our team is there to guide you in your choice and then install it. We’ll present you with a complete, clear quote before we start the work. 

Your specialized roofing contractors in Nepean, Ottawa

Based in Nepean, Ottawa, we specialize in roofing systems that are revolutionizing the industry within the region. We offer you better protection for your home, by installing asphalt shingles on your rooftop.

We believe it’s important to always stay ahead of what’s offered on the market, so we are continuously researching better solutions for installing products of supreme quality, as well as innovative techniques. Our goal is to extend your roof’s lifespan, so you can protect your investment longer. We work to meet your highest expectations for either residential or commercial needs. We even offer metal roofing – a new trend that offers great versatility, since you get to choose from different styles, colours and shapes. You have the benefit of choosing between asphalt shingles and metal roofing, and you can roof your home the way you like.

Trust our roofing contractors for your project in Nepean, Ottawa, and you’ll be just as satisfied as hundreds of other customers.

Our specialty is making you save money on your roofing by making it right the first time, because we believe no one should experience problems such as a roof leak. 

We’ve been in business since 2007, and have already made innovations in this field by creating more sustainable solutions… and we show the same dedication in every service we offer. Consult with one of our professionals and you can be sure you’ve made a choice that’ll save you money, because we also focus on your long-term investment. Using the latest technology and techniques is important to us, so we can increase the durability of your roofing in Nepean, Ottawa.