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Sod Ottawa : For a beautiful & Affordable Lawn

Sod installation in Ottawa

We are Ottawa’s elite curb appeal experts specializing in re-sodding and new lawn installation and other landscaping services such as interlock and patio creations. Our mission is to provide the most professional, convenient and efficient service the world of landscaping has ever seen.

For sod installation services, don't hesitate to call us today. We are recognized for our professional working team and the quality of its green products. Trust the professional, number one sod installation company in Ottawa! You're a home owner, a new home owner or a realtor? We can help you!

Sodding or Seeding? Let us help you take the right decision.

Generally, we encourage sodding instead of seeding in 95% of cases we come across, but still offer seeding services as a low-cost option. Seeding takes far longer to generate a full lawn, often 2-3 years to mature, whereas sod yields an...! In the cases where seeding is appropriate (low use areas or places people don’t see much), we will gladly perform this service.

We have in place an ethos of customer service. We swiftly answer you when you call or email us, are extraordinarily reliable, always deliver what we promise you (on time AND on budget), hire the best employees, and deliver unparalleled customer service.... kind of refreshing and basic with old-school values eh?

Our commitment to our clients is to provide an estimate over the phone, a firm quote within 72 hours, and to have your lawn installed when and as promised. Our prices don’t change halfway through the job, and we work until the job is completed.