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Customized design and exhibition booth rental for your next trade show or event in Montreal!

For your next trade show in Montreal, entrust your kiosk design to our team

We are proud to help you represent your brand in Montreal and on three continents, so you’ll be noticed and attract potential customers to a kiosk designed to the highest standards. Always imbued with innovation, we use the best technological devices to ensure your presentation environment is a success and to make it dynamic, attractive and innovative! Our team will work closely with you to ensure that all details are reflected, and we’ll deliver a project that meets your highest expectations.

Give us the mandate to design your customized, modular or portable display booth, and impress your visitors with modules and accessories such as customized displays, a TV stand and lighting that will enhance your visibility. You can also set up very quickly in a showroom, since everything is designed to be installed in the shortest time possible. We provide transport boxes or bags, as well as an instruction guide and assembly instructions. Modules, shelves, doors, etc. are already pre-assembled and very easy to hang together. No detail is overlooked. We also offer logistics, assembly, dismantling and storage services all over the world.

We are proud to have employees on three continents: America, Asia and Europe. We create exceptional projects for different types of clientele, and meet specific needs. We will offer you the right solution from our range of products to meet your needs.

For the design of a customized exhibition booth or a rental in Montreal

In the Montreal area, take advantage of our exhibition booth rental, design and production services. We have a solution for all your needs, be it a customized banner or a stand. Every detail is designed to optimize the ambiance of the environment in which you’ll be presenting your products or services. We offer various types of accessories, such as luminous devices, reading stands or TV stands. For an exhibition fair, such as the Montreal Auto Show, Motorcycle Show or even a crafts fair, we have the efficient and innovative solution for you.

For an exhibition fair, such as the Montreal Auto Show, the Motorcycle Show or even the Salon des Métiers d’Arts de Montréal, we have the efficient and innovative solution for you.

We offer kiosk and booth design and development services in Montreal.

Whatever your need a modular or customized kiosk – we have the technology and knowledge to handle projects of any size. We understand the importance of an environment that fits your image and optimizes sales: that’s why we do feasibility studies and create a kiosk that will meet your needs. Whether you’re going to an indoor or outdoor show, or you have to travel with your kiosk, we’ve thought of every detail, from ergonomic transport to assembly. You can also request a full installation anywhere in North America, Europe or Asia! We are based in Montreal, Los Angeles, Paris, Lyon, Hong Kong and Shanghai.