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Urban streetwear clothing for men and women in West-Island, Montreal

A unique clothing store featuring men’s and women’s streetwear in West Island, Montreal

Looking for a streetwear clothing line in West Island, Montreal that reflects your attitude? Find a great variety of clothes for men and women that tells the world who you are. Whether you’re looking to stand out among your friends, on Instagram, at a skateboard competition, etc., we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to provide great clothes that reflect your mood and your rebel-but-kind heart, and give you confidence on any day.

We are a company based in West Island, Montreal, but we ship all over the world for only $7.50. Our goal is to dress every rebel man and woman out there, and make them wear what they feel like wearing. Choose from our unisex line of stylish hats.

Whether you’re looking to shop, go skateboarding, snowboarding, parkour free running, BMX or simply hang out, we’ve got you covered. 

We are an emerging online streetwear store born in West Island, Montreal. Visit our website to see our products for men, women and youth – or check out our Look Book to find this season’s mix-and-match styles and suggestions. Whether you’re in Montreal or elsewhere around the world, we have the clothes that’ll help you stand out.

In West Island, Montreal, we encourage you to shop local. While there are tons of online clothing brands, we are a proud and blooming local brand.
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Your fashion stop for men’s and women’s urban streetwear in West Island, Montreal

Whether you’re a guy or girl, we provide great, unique streetwear to make you stand out… right here in West Island, Montreal. You can even choose unisex outerwear, shirts, t-shirts, tops, hoodies and hats for both youths and adults. We believe that our designs reflect your mood and constantly changing heart, to fuel you with confidence wherever you are – skateboarding, biking, hanging out or any other activities.

Our brand is born in Montreal, but a lot of people around the world choose our streetwear. We ship anywhere for a flat rate of $7.50. Shop on our website or check out our Look Book for inspiration.

We design unique streetwear with attitude, for both men and women – available in West Island, Montreal. We wear our designs to feel confident in clothes that reflect our attitude, as well as our changing hearts. Stand out when you put on our urban streetwear clothes that speak to who you are: soft-hearted but rebel. Choose from shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, tops, pants, hats and outerwear on our online website. There are no rules – you wear what you want, how you want to wear it. Mix and match, layer up and go with the flow! For any occasion, activity or mood, choose our clothing line for men, women and kids, available in unisex styles.